About Me

My name is Chelsea, and like most moms, I am constantly busy juggling all my roles in this crazy play called life. I’m an investment professional, loving mother, devoted wife, and active blogger.  I’m also a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

My mission at Mama Fish Saves is to simplify family finance in a way that helps young families achieve their dreams!

I started Mama Fish Saves early in 2017 as the first real step towards pursuing my dream career.  I’m a complete finance nerd.  When I was 12, I wanted to be an economist after reading Free to Choose by Milton Friedman. At 16, I wanted to work on Wall Street. Yes, I was a weird kid. But my passion was driven by a deep-seeded need to understand how money worked.

I’ve been working in corporate finance for the past seven years both generating investment ideas for funds across the country and actively managing a portfolio at a major hedge fund.  While I love my work, and while it has allowed me to fulfill that need for understanding, it isn’t my passion.  Having my son in 2016, and having to leave him for work each day, made that abundantly clear to me.

My passion is helping other families achieve the understanding about money I have spent years developing.  I love maintaining budgets, reading about personal investment strategies and products, and helping my friends and loved ones achieve financial success.

A desire to close the knowledge gap between the haves and the have-nots drives me.  Personal finance in the US is taught at home, not in school, so if your parents didn’t understand finance there were very few ways for you to learn it.  In my searching for a way to close that gap while pursuing my passion, Mama Fish Saves was born.

Mama Fish Saves is aimed at simplifying family finance in a way that reduces stress and helps families achieve their dreams. Money is one of the leading causes of stress in relationships. The widespread belief that finance has to be complicated has led many families to just avoid dealing with it.  Mama Fish Saves is here to show you that personal finance isn’t rocket science, and simple steps can help you achieve financial success on any income.

If you are new here, I would love for you to get to know me better.  An Open Letter to My Son About Money shares what I hope to teach my son, Fuss Fish, about money as he grows older.  Why Our Home is an Expense, Not an Investment will detail my husband and my greatest financial mistake (to date).  And finally, the Roadmap to Financial Health is my overview on achieving financial success and will show you my principles on the family budget.

And if you’re wondering “why Mama Fish”?

My family’s favorite children’s book is Deborah Diesen’s Pout-Pout Fish.  It always makes us all giggle!  When my son was a newborn, my husband and I started calling him the Fuss Fuss Fish.  This was very ironic since there has never been a less fussy baby.  But it stuck nonetheless and we became Mama and Daddy Fish!  In a blog about family finance, I felt I had to include my fun family nickname.

Thank you so much for visiting Mama Fish Saves. It is an honor to have you here and I hope I get to know you better throughout your family’s financial journey!

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