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List Of 9 Best Books To Teach Young Kids About Money

Many of us were regret at some point in life that why we are not educated enough about money. It is the essential means to survive in this monetary world but still, the kids are not getting any information regarding it. They get their hand on several books about cows that type, barnyard animals, little blue trucks, colors, and so many other things but not on money books that teach them to roll up money. This guide will be focussing on several money books for kids that will help them to get a better understanding of the money concepts.

Therefore, if you are also want to teach your children about some money concepts then prefer these books that we will recommend. Well, most kids, at around age 3 get aware of the basic idea of money and till they turn 7, the base habits start developing in them. 

So, you can start teaching from the age of 3 to 7. Adding on, you can also introduce concepts like money identification, saving, concepts of spending, basic money math, and many more. Now, let’s start with the article and get to know about those money books.

Top Money books for kids 

Go to the list below having some amazing money books for kids that will help you to teach kids about money. We are also providing the Amazon link to every book so that you can easily compare the pricing and get the best for your children.

The Berenstain Bears Trouble with Money 

children book about money

Berenstain Bears is known for its moral teaching to children. This is a story about the Brother and Sister who think that money grows on trees. To make money of their own, the cubs decide to begin their own businesses. So, they start the business from a lemonade stand to a pet walking service and learn about the concept of money.

It is a really good children’s book about money. The cubs are fond of playing video games. For that reason, they work for money. And, in the journey of making money, they get to learn several things like what happened when you spend two quickly on unnecessary things. 

The book does not only entertain your child with the story but also introduces the concepts of banks and interest. As a parent, you only need to be ready for all the questions that children are gonna ask after reading this book.

Mercer Mayer’s Just a Piggy Bank 

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Here comes yet another money book for kids that has rejoiced every 90’s kids’ childhood with beautiful memory and characters. The book is created for kids of 3 to 8 age. It is no secret that piggy bank is the little bank for all the children out there. They use it for saving purposes, the book also teaches the kids to save first. 

Through the character of Little Critter, we have been identified what we can face if spend lavishly. Little Critter tends to spend first and save later. One day, he finds that he has left with no money and also loses his piggy bank. 

The story teaches the concept of saving money not just through the story but the chores as well. As when you go through it, you will find that the family is equally responsible for not providing enough education to kids about money.

Emily Jenkins’ Lemonade in Winter

money books for kids

It’s a beautiful story about two siblings Pauline and John-John intend to sell Lemonade in winter. Emerging as the little entrepreneurs, these siblings have tried every possible way to hold a lemonade stand in the snow. 

The books tell their journey of how they manage to buy the supply, set up the stand, and modify their plans to sell more lemonade and limeade. It’s not just for the kids but the grown-up as well, who sometimes feels demotivated with their surroundings.

Lemonade in winter will boost every one of you and at the same teach your child how to do business,  how to make money, and what is the difference between profit and revenue. You must try this money book to witness the possible end of the story.

Nancy Kelly Allen’s Once upon a Dime: A Math Adventure 

books to teach kids about money

Once Upon a Dime makes the children aware of different coins, their values, and the purpose of the money. In this story, the kids will witness the math concept, the value of money, and so on. 

An organic farmer of the story finds a new tree on his farm that grows money. Later on, he discovers that due to the fertilizers, the tree grows this kind of money. With the books, readers and kids calculate the changing value of the crop. 

The best thing that the story tells us that our determination will make everything possible if it’s for a good purpose.

Judith Viorst’s Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday 

money books for kids

This story explains that Alexander receives a dollar from his grandparents that he is supposed to save for the walkie-talkie he wants. But, he spends it all of a sudden and becomes poor with nothing in his pocket. 

Yet the story does not have a proper happy ending but it reminds us all and the children how saving is much important and how to spend wisely. 

Through this story, you can discuss the choices with your kids that Alexander makes and also listen to the child’s view of how Alexander could save the money and get his walkie-talkie.

Loreen Leedy’s Follow the Money 

books to teach kids about money

Follow the Money by Loreen Leedy introduces concepts such as Federal Reserve and new-minted money.  The story talks about many places where money travels through the depiction of the Federal Reserve, local bank, and the hands of the grocer. 

In this book, the page numbers are in the form of bills and coins, and the amount shown in each scene adds upto the listed totals. Additionally, the funny introduction to cool hard cash talks about different kinds of currency through the ages.

The walk through the story is quite funny and exciting at the same time. With the character of George Washington, we try to learn aspects about money. It is a good book that you can consider to teach kids about money. 

To make the story valuable there includes lots of little asides and puns. Subsequently, it also includes some fantastic math challenges for the developing math skills of the child. Well, forget to mention that this book is also written for children aged 4 through 8.

Rosemary Wells’s Bunny Money 

children book about money

The story revolves around two siblings Max and Ruby. The two cute bunnies decide to give a present to their grandmother on her birthday.  To buy a gift, they move into town with the saving.

Through this story, the author explains how fast all the savings can disappear as Max spends all his money that provides them no way to go back home. In their journey towards the market, the bunnies get a glimpse about short-term and long-term savings goals to save for the goods they want in the future. 

Try to learn your kid these short-term and long terms saving goals with the help of the book. 

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Bonnie Worth’s One Cent, Two Cent, Old Cent, New Cent: All About Money 

books to teach kids about money

The story is a good way to inform kids about where the money comes from. The topic also indicates the history of money, bartering, and how the first banks were formed. Moreover, it also tells that the money does not grow on trees. 

In this book, kids will get to know about different cultures from money comes in the form of shells, leather, feathers, and jade to metal ingots to coins. It also brings in the depiction of copper, silver, and gold ingots. 

The books show temples as the first bank that operates, gains, and pays interest. The only safest place to keep the money. The rhyming scheme of the book would never bore the kids, in fact, makes them curious to know more about money. 

Julia Donaldson’s The Smartest Giant in Town

chldren book about money

This is the last book that you can consider teaching your kids. In this book, we will encounter George the giant who feels sad for being the scruffiest giant. So, he decides to transform himself with all the new outfits of a shop full of wonderful clothes.

He puts on his new shirts, pants, shoes, and tie and becomes ready to turn himself into the spiffiest giant. But, on his way back home when he discovers that all the villagers are in need. He decides to give them all his new clothes. 

This episode turns the way George was recognized earlier and he now becomes the friend of many. It is the most beautiful story that speaks not just about spending money for good purposes but also about several things like what is inside the person matters the most and kindness is the ultimate beauty. 

Winding Up!

In this article, we have tried to mention every money book for kids that can help you to teach them about money. We hope that all these money books will also get thumbs up from you and your children. Also, the kids get to learn the money concepts easily. 

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