What Is The Concept Of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Mode?

Recovery of lost data is very tricky for digital users. It happens because the issue occurs due to many reasons. However, its effect lies in users’ suffering. And accounting giant, i.e. QuickBooks is not an exception to it. The recovery of the erased data seems tricky in this accounting tool. That is why Intuit introduced a new concept under the title of- QuickBooks auto data recovery model.

With this model, you can recover lost data in a few simple steps. And we are presenting you with this guide to acquaint you with this facility. So, read through the guide to learn about this facility.

What Is QuickBooks Data Recovery (ADR) File Extension?

Through its algorithms, QB creates a copy of your backed-up data on its server. This data acts as a base for recovering the information on your device. So, when you lose your data accidentally, you should not feel worried anymore. It is because you can retrieve the data from the “auto data recovery” folder. 

The ADR folder prepares and separates the erased files from the rest of the files. You can find this file with a “.adr” extension. This signifies the file type and its importance to regular users. 

In short, you can say that the data recovery file extension is an important part of the QB framework. Moreover, you need to ensure that these files remain separated and saved. It is because failure in file saving can spoil the efforts. And you will have to recreate the backup file on your device. That is why you should prioritize backup creation on your device.

How QuickBooks Data Recovery Service Works?

The data recovery tool relies on Sybase’s technology. As per the tool’s requirements, you should follow some steps to resolve QB errors. But there are things you need to consider while restoring the lost data:

  • First, make sure the file backup is not exceeding 1.5 GB of storage space
  • Second, upgrade to the latest version of QB Desktop to enjoy extra benefits
  • Third, you must have any of the following software versions, viz., QB Pro, Premier, or Enterprise

How To Restore QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery?

You can restore auto data recovery QuickBooks files by proceeding with any of the following methods:

Method 1: By Using The “.QBW” And “.TLG” File Extensions

Through this method, you can retrieve or restore data files deleted in the last 12 hours. The process involves the following steps:

  • First, open “file explorer” on your computer
  • Afterwards, navigate to the “desktop” icon
  • Now, create a new folder and use “QuickBooks test” as its nomenclature
  • Moreover, hit the “enter” key to save this folder 
  • At this point, search and open the “QuickBooks auto data recovery” folder
  • Here, click on files with “.TLG.ADR” and “.QBW.ADR” extensions
  • Later on, copy the selected files and subsequently paste them into the new folder
  • Lastly, you can check the restoration on your system

Method 2: By Using The “.TDR” File With “.QBW.adr” File Extension

In this method, you need to:

  • First, go to the “file explorer” menu
  • Afterwards, click on the “desktop” option available in the left navigation menu
  • Now, generate a new folder and name it- “QuickBooks test”
  • Furthermore, open the folder where you saved QB company files
  • Moreover, locate the desired files
  • Subsequently, check the details in the product information window
  • Later on, select the requisite files with the “.TLG” extension and copy them
  • Lastly, paste those files into the newly created folder and wait for the restoration

Winding It Up

In the above guide, we thoroughly discussed the QuickBooks auto data recovery model. Moreover, we covered the methods by which you can recover deleted files. Thus, you should save this guide for future reference. Meanwhile, you can also speak to our QB Pro Advisors to get a personalized touch for your accounting needs. For more information, you can reach us by dialing the toll-free number 1-844-734-9204. Moreover, you can access us through the live chat facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is QB Auto Data Recovery?

It is a feature that helps users retrieve their lost data files within a defined period. Thus, you can refer to it as a data recovery tool.

How Do I Recover Missing Data In QuickBooks?

You can recover missing data in QuickBooks through the auto data recovery tool.

How Long Does QuickBooks Stores The Accounting Data?

QuickBooks stores the accounting data for 12 months. Beyond this tenure, you will not access important accounting information.

What Will Happen To My Data If I Cancel My QB Subscription?

If you cancel your QB subscription, the software will convert your data to read-only mode. This means you will not change or modify anything in the stored data files.

Is It Possible To Automate The Accounting Process?

Yes, it is possible to automate the accounting process. For this purpose, you will only need to buy a subscription to QuickBooks, like professional accounting software.


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