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BeFrugal vs Ebates: Which One has the Best Cashback Service

In the past few years, we have seen immense growth in online shopping. This ultimately brings out many small businesses with cashback services. With their great offers and strategies, they turn out to be the favorite services of the consumers. In this guide, we will be offering a comparison guide of Ebates vs BeFrugal. So you will get to know about some better ways to avail those offers. Now let’s get into the article and know more about it. 

Ebates vs BeFrugal

Ebates and BeFrugal are cash rebate websites and coupon aggregators. Both companies are free to join and Ebates credited your account at some point unlike BeFrugal, which only pays when someone joins during a promotional period. 

Ebates is the older company whereas BeFrugal is the newer one. Both these sites have similarities in services such as cashback on exclusive local deals, email support, sign-up bonuses, sign-up requirement, and so on which makes Ebates tantamount to BeFrugal. But, there are some differences as well which are listed below. You can check them out to have a better overview of BeFrugall vs Ebates. 

Ebates BeFrugal
Retailers with cash-back offers Over 2,000 Over 5,000
Online Coupon Quality No  Yes
Payout Method Check, Paypal Check, Paypal, gift card, direct deposit to the bank account
Best Cashback Guarantee No 125%
Referral Bonuses $5 Base Bonus $10
Live Chat  No Yes
Online Coupons  2,333 stores 50,000 stores

Well, this list surely helps you to make a better decision between the two. But, it is advisable to go through the full post and then decide. After getting all about these two companies, you may be wondering now how Ebates and BeFrugal work. So, let’s try to find the answer in the next section.

Ebates vs BeFrugal: How these two sites work

Ebates and BeFrugal refer shoppers to various retailers and then retailers pay to them. Consequently, the sites pass some of the savings on to shoppers. More significant about these sites, is the circulation of coupons to make you save more.

The user needs to activate the rebate by clicking through to an online retailer from the Ebates or BeFrugal websites. Alternatively,  you can also link a browser to a plugin for either site. With these plugins, you are informed that cashback is available and you can easily activate it without jumping to the cashback sites.

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How the user gets paid

Check or PayPal credit is the method used by both of the sites to pay out your rebates. Ebates donates to a charity, family member, and organization with the Payout option whereas BeFrugal provides payout through an Amazon gift card that brings an additional 1% to your payout. 

If the user has earned $5.01 or more in rebates during the quarter then Ebates provides payment to them once every three months. The website says that you must require a minimum of $5.01 excluding bonus rewards. 

While BeFrugal says payment will be transferred within 10 business days of the payment request once the user hits the minimum threshold for payout. While Ebates offers only two modes for payment, BeFrugal offers checks, PayPal credit, gift cards, or direct deposits to the bank account. 

BeFrugal vs Ebates: Which one is better

It is no secret that both of the sites have similarities in certain aspects but there are some differences as well that make one or the other more suitable for you. Now, let’s check out what are the winning features in both of these platforms.

Winning Features of Ebates


Ebates is established in 1999 and you can think how problematic would be the journey of catching several users around the world till now. Well, we offer some of the best features of Ebates to show its ruling power among all other sites. 

  • Cashback is provided instantly

Many Ebates users claim that the rebate hits their account on the same day while BeFrugal needs some more days to transfer the cashback earning from pending to confirmed. 

  • Lower Earnings Threshold for Payout

Ebates only wants the user to generate $5.01 or more in cashback in order to receive a payout for the earnings. If you are an infrequent online shopper then again there is no limitation to generate the rebates you need to get a check each quarter. Additionally, with the short-term special rebate opportunities, you are provided $5 or more in just one purchase. At times, Ebates offers a Mixbook special that is very useful to order photo books or products as gifts. 

  • Win Referrals Easily

There has been a continuous change in the value of customer referrals for Ebates and BeFrugal. Presently, Ebates is providing $15 per qualified sign up which is ultimately different from the 10 dollars of BeFrugal. The stores will never say no to offers so you just go and chill there with exciting offers and services.

Winning Features of BeFrugal


BeFrugal offers a variety of stores where everyone can shop and choose according to their requirement. Here are some winning features of BeFrugal, you can check them below:

  • More Coupons Offers for Online Shoppings

However, both platforms offer coupons for their partner retailers but BeFrugal is a much larger coupon aggregator. The customers will get a lot of opportunities with over 4,000 grocery stores,  250 restaurants, and over 50,000 online stores. Consequently, you find no issue with the working of the coupons as they are guaranteed but if any time you find any issue in them then must ready for claiming a $5 cash reward.

  • The payout can be More Frequent

With the opportunities to cash out, your rebates every month BeFrugal attracts many shoppers out there. Adding on, the $25 threshold is better than Ebates. In case you are fond of shopping then this is for you so grab the deal with BeFrugal and enjoy.

  • More Retailers

BeFrugal and Ebates provide up to 40% cashback at their partner retailers. But, it has over 5,000 stores compared to over 2,000 at Ebates. This is the best platform to shop at a wide range of stores that offers where you find deals everywhere you shop.

Winding Up!

All and all, we can get the idea that BeFrugral is better for the users who shop from a wide range of stores and looking for a source of printable coupons whereas Ebates is used for frequently shopping from the same set of stores. 

The article is an excellent way to indicate the difference between Ebates vs. BeFrual. Both of them have some dislikes and likes. We hope that you like this article and find it relevant enough to opt for the best one. 

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