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A Conclusive Guide About Swagbucks: Tips & Tricks to Make Money Online

Well, we all heard about some websites that offers cash and gift cards in response to completing some tasks. In this guide, we will learn about one such website Swagbucks that is emerging as the no. 1 platform to make money online.

On the internet, we find several sites that claim to provide us the gift rewards but many of them are fraud and use this criterion to generate their source of income. But, there are some good and legitimate sites that really spend $266 BILLION in cash and gift cards. As a matter of fact, we tried to scrutinize the Swagbucks site and this post covers the result. So, follow the full post, if you also want to get your hands on such prizes. 

In this guide, we have tried to include each and every small detail about Swagbucks. So, don’t any of the sections if you really want to become a member of Swagbucks. Now, let’s start the article with a quick brief of Swagbucks if you don’t know what this platform is. 

What is Swagbucks

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is an online rewards company. It comes with several ways to make money online. The users need to accomplish some tasks that include playing games, completing surveys, printing coupons, watching videos, searching the web, and many more. Moreover, at the date of joining, the user’s account will be credited with $5.

Each SB is worth the price of $0.01 which you can easily redeem for gift cards and cash from some amazing stores such as Amazon or Walmart.

Various retailers pay Swagbucks to drive users to their surveys, products, and websites as they are receiving a platform to promote their goods. Some percentage of users will take advantage of purchase offers and that increases its value in the market. As a result, this site gains several users who want to make money online.

This way Swagbucks accomplish three tasks together, promoting the goods of the retailers, attracts the consumer, and erase the gap between these two essentials of an economic world.

Is Swagbucks Legit?


Yes, It is legit. It is on the top list of the various users for its amazing servicing and tricks to make a fast buck. You can clear your views about Swagbucks by reading below.

Many of the users have reported receiving $100 in Amazon gift certificates just by using the site for a month. Before redeeming the gift cards, you just need to verify the order through your email address and wait for some time until it processes. Within few days, you will receive the gift card.

With these gift cards, one can easily save money for festivals and holidays. Swagbucks will never let you down with its working process as it gives out 7000 gift cards every day and pays over $360,000,000 to its members. That will again boost you to consume more of your time in it. 

Again, if you don’t wish to redeem your points for gift cards then try to redeem them for cash and get paid through PayPal. We have mentioned below how you can easily refund via PayPal in the later section so that all your queries will be settled at this one-stop only.

So, it is not a scam but a great marketing plan where focussing on customers is the key to the success of the business. 

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Swagbucks can be freely accessed. In order to create your account just visit the official site. Now, you can also enter your name and email or just sign up with a Facebook account. With this signing-up process 500 SBs or $5 granted to your account after achieving the first task.

Once done with the process, Swagbucks will lead you to complete your profile and earn more SBs. Staging all these tasks at the beginning gives Swagbucks an idea of which surveys and offers would show to you. So, you will not get bored of the survey process as your preferences matter the most for Swagbucks. If you are trusting us then take note that the survey is the easiest way to earn SBs.

Earning Rewards on Swagbucks

Now that you have received all the relevant information about Swagbucks. It’s time to make you aware of the ways to get the first SBs. We’ll be providing here 9 effortless strategies along with how much you can expect to receive with them. So, lets together take a walk through this section. 

  • Searching Online

Enter the codes and win SBs. 

This is the easiest one among all the ways provided by the site to earn money. In order to welcome the passive income, try to set yahoo as your default search engine. As it will bring more SBs to your account.

There is not any answer to what types of searches can grant you more cash. But, you can easily upto 20 SBs a day just by surfing the site. 

Swagbucks Codes

When doing searches on the site, there comes a code to enter. We just need to type those codes and the SBs will be deposited into the account. While all other sites irritate us with this kind of verification, Swagbucks enthusiasts with the feeling of surprises. 

  • Swag Local 

Swag Bucks

Get 5% back or 161 SBs on Swag Local

This is another way to collect digital currency. You only need to connect a credit card to your SwagLocal account that enables Swagbucks to check your transactions. 

Like explained earlier, the company joins hands with local businesses like restaurants and store-shopping to drive users to their products. For that reason, they provide a generous amount to all the users who consuming much time. 

But, by providing a credit card, you become free from all the further procedures that include activating the rewards and SBs direct jump to your account in the form of cashback and many other things. 

So, if you want to be a food blogger but don’t have enough amount to spend on those expensive restaurants. Then, follow your dream and make money from Swagbucks. 

  • Free Trials and Discover Offers


Check out different products and services by signing up and earn desirable SBs. 

The users can win around 300-600 SBs just for enrolling in the Paribus site otherwise there are many other sites that ask for credit information. So, you can opt for the one according to your preference. 

It is advisable to not spend a penny on any kind of trial that charges your account. Swagbucks is for making money, not for spending. So, avoid such kinds of assurance that will provide you some additional SBs to that particular time. 

  • Print Coupons

Swagbucks Review

Coupons are another greater source to earn SBs. When the users redeem them at the local grocery store, they will win 10 SBs and 1 SB per coupon print. 

For instance, providing a $0.75 coupon to a food store gives you worth $1.50 cashback plus 11SBs. With all these cashback and offers, the product comes at 58% off. 

In order to print free food and grocery coupons, the user needs to click on the coupons to add them to their grocery coupon cart. Additionally, if you click on the Print button then they will go to your printer which you can later use to avail discount and cashback at the local and general stores. 

  • Shop Online


Turn the focus to Swagbucks if you also fond of online shopping as this will fill up your pockets with lots of SBs and cashback offers. 

There are lots of online stores like Argos, ASOS, Currys PC World, eBay, Just Eat, and Wilko. So, before wasting your money first check on the Swagbucks website whether these online stores offering SBs or not. 

  • Swagbucks LIVE


Win the grand prize with the trivia option.

Swagbucks LIVE is a fun live trivia game show where the user needs to answer some questions. If all the answers are correct then they earn a grand prize. The questions will come with multiple choice answers from which to select.

The user will receive 10 seconds to select the answer. Don’t give up if you don’t win as the SBs will be directed to your account for every question you answer correctly. You just need to complete the full game as leaving it in between will forfeit your SBs.

Therefore, must try this method and enjoy the trivial game.

  • Swagbucks Surveys

Swag Bucks

Answer 5-30 minutes surveys and earn SBs.

Many of us have encountered so many surveys during surfing and running some apps that we often neglect. But, what if, these surveys claim to provide us digital currency. Yes, some of them are really fraud but Swagbucks has gained trust from all over the world. 

It is one of the best paid survey sites for survey takers to make money. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, Swagbucks will grant a bonus with 5 or fewer SBs to pay back you for trying. 

Completing one survey every month will actually add 80 SBs to the account. Keep in mind to avoid responses that you think the survey wants to hear. This kind of answer becomes the reason for your disqualification. Therefore, answer your genuine thoughts about the products.

  • Swagbucks games


Swagbucks offers three free games that can credit your bank account with 10 SB per round for playing. These games include Swag Jump, Swag Memory, and Swagasaurus Run. There are lots of other games that required payments to get unlocked. 

Make sure to not do this as Swagbucks is for making money not wasting it among such trivial things. Even if you pay for the game there is no guarantee that the SBs will be granted to your account or not.

  • Swagbucks Streaming


Swagbucks also streams movie trailers, viral clips, random videos, and news stories that you might like. It can be a good option for many users out there but for me, it’s more time-consuming.  

As the site offers only a certain number of SBs to watch a playlist of videos. For instance, with a video playlist ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, the user will get just 3 0r 5 SBs which makes it the lowest-paying option among all those described above. 

The payout is not that high but here you are getting paid to be entertained. If you getting bored of the video then you can also get to your other stuff by leaving that video running in the background. This way, you will win the SBs even if not indulging in watching.

So, these are all the methods through which you can easily get lots of SBs including a $5 sign-up bonus for signing up. Swagbucks adds every possible thing for the sake of the users so that everyone can enjoy these different tasks. 

Methods to Earn Even More with Swagbucks

If you are like me who don’t want to settle here and want to know about the ways to earn even more with Swagbucks without ripping your hair out. Then, read this full section and get to know about some cool tips and tricks to earn a lot more SBs.

Install the Swagbutton

Swagbucks Review

Install the Swagbutton and generate more income.

Swagbucks facilitates a browser plugin that you can use to search, watch streams, type Swagcodes, and activate rewards for online shopping. This plugin enables you to earn around 1 SB each day that it is installed.

Swagbutton notifies the members about sales, coupons, and cashback offers and makes them aware of the different modes of getting more cashback and SBs. 

Enter Swagbucks Codes

Swagbucks Codes

This is for the users who want to install the Swagbucks button.

In order to always get notified about Swagbucks codes, the user needs to follow the official page of the site on social media and download the app. Through these codes, you can earn upto 2 to 8 SBs just by using them. 

If are having a busy schedule and cannot do the stuff to get codes. Then, you can check out the different pages like Reddit SwagCodeSpoilers or SBCodez to receive lots of Swag codes and bonus rewards. These sites instantly announce Swagbucks which you can use easily just by checking once or twice a day.

The Swagbucks codes only provide some codes while Swagbutton provides everything that you can use to avail the prizes. 

Active Your Daily Good Bonuses

To make it interesting and fun, Swagbucks sets a goal number for the users to earn SBs. You will find two levels here with a few extra SBs. 

The best thing about this is that if the user skillfully achieves multiple days in a row then a bonus of around 300 SBs can be credited to the account. The amount is the reward of the streak bonuses. 

So, try this out if you also want to obtain this huge amount of SBs.

Play Swago

Swag Bucks

Play this new SWAGO game on Swagbucks and get upto a 500 SB bonus. It is another easy way to earn a good amount of points quickly. Swagbucks releases a new Swago board once or twice a month. It is more like a bingo game in which the user needs to complete some tasks to activate those squares. 

25 SBs will be provided after accessing all the sites in one row of the board whereas completing the whole board will grant 100 to 300 SBs. Yet it is a good option but not worth the expense because, in order to complete the board, the user needs to spend $50 purchase from MyGiftCardsPlus.com.

Refer a Friend Program

In our college days, every one of us tried this method to get some offers and discounts. Swagbucks also comes with this for all the users who don’t want to spend much time on the site. 

300 SB bonus will be credited to our account if the friend that we refer earns 300 SB before the completion of the first month. At the same time, 10% of the friend’s lifetime Swagbucks earning also provided to us irrespective of the fact that he/she hits the target or not. 

For instance, if the friend gets 500 SBs then the company will also add the 10% of 500 to your account. 

Birthday Bonus

On your birthday, Swagbucks gifts you a special offer of a 55 SB discount on a gift card redemption. You will get the time of around 30 days to spend the offer on your desired things.

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How to Redeem Your Swagbucks for Actual Cash

Now that we have learned about ways to generate SBs into our account. It’s time to know how to redeem Swagbucks for actual cash.

Keep in mind that the process will take a few days to complete.

Gift Cards for Major Retailers

This is the easiest method to redeem SBs via gift card. The user will get around a $25 gift card for 2200 SBs that indicates a 12% discount on the first redemption of a $25 gift card.

Swagbucks has joined hands with popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and Visa. You can easily redeem via only 300 SBs as gift card ranges from $3 to $500.

In order to redeem the gift cards, tap on the Redeem button located at the corner of the website. Alternatively, you can also redeem SB in the app. Once done with all these tasks, a message will prompt that asks you to examine the order either via email or by answering your security questions. Now after the request is accepted, you will have to wait for around 10 business days to get your gift card code. Although, many users claim to receive it just after four days. So, don’t get panic about the procedure. 

Get Cash With PayPal


Get a cash deposit into your PayPal account and use the rewards for any purpose. 

This procedure will take around 10 to 14 days. Your Paypal account will receive the payment from Swagbucks with the same email that is used in Swagbucks. Ensure that your first and last names should match with each other. Before proceeding with the further tasks, try to examine all these said things. As it can lead to rejection of the transfer. 

Another thing that you must aware of is that the PayPal rewards don’t proceed until $25 increments. So, it will be a long run if you are using Swagbucks just for fun not for making money.

Donate to Charity

Swagbucks also has a charitable section where the user redeems their gift cards by donating to different organizations. The charity starts with the lowest 5 SBs or $0.05. There are various organizations that you can donate like Doctors without Borders, Wounded Warrior Project, charity: water, and many more. 

Key Points to Make your Reward worth the time

  • After setting Swagbucks as the default search option. You can easily earn upto $100 dollar a month as a reward for surfing for 20 to 30 minutes each day. So, take some minutes from your busy schedule and begin surfing. 
  • If you don’t get enough time in days then try to spend 30 minutes a night for the month and earn around $6.67 for 15 hours. That is exactly less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, but you can save it to do another thing. If you decide to spend your time in Swagbucks then make sure the best is coming to you in the form of rewards. 
  • Make sure to set a goal for the Swagbucks rewards. This way you will receive more income. That will motivate you to complete the further tasks.
  • Don’t waste your money on Swagbucks rather than try to save for holidays, shopping, camping, date night, and many things that you desire to do. 
  • All in all, use these rewards and income for occasional expenses. 


So, this is all about the Swagbucks. In this guide, we have tried to mention each and every possible thing related to the topic. We hope that you like this guide and solve all your queries. Make sure to enable notifications for such kinds of content. 

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