How To Recover QuickBooks Data In Minimum Efforts?

Being the finest software for accounting, QuickBooks finds its significance among small businesses. Businesses can manage accounts, payrolls, bills, invoices, etc., through this tool. Besides, the latest updates enhance its features and make this tool one of a kind. However, the upgrading structure brings abnormalities as well in the accounting tool. And sometimes, these occur in this form- QuickBooks data missing after an update

Well, the issue with the data dislocation is only a single cause. Besides this, there are other issues as well. Thus, our blog’s theme will find its limit in the lost data section. So, be ready to learn how you can recover lost data files.

What Is The Reason For QuickBooks Data Missing After Updates?

Here are some possible reasons behind the loss of QB data after the update:

  • First, the company file upgrade to the higher version of QB accounting software
  • Second, the misconfiguration of settings at the time of the software update
  • Third, errors in the running of several functions of the software program
  • Fourth, the non-traceability of company files in the system’s storage drive
  • Fifth, frequent and undesired power outages during the software installation
  • Sixth, corruption of the QB database 
  • Seventh, the accidental erasing of company files
  • Eighth, malware attacks on instruments like “.QBW”, “.QBB”, and “.QBA” files 

Steps To Recover QuickBooks Lost Company File

You can recover lost company files in QuickBooks by following these simple steps:

  • First, open the system’s search dialogue box 
  • Afterwards, type “.QBW” in the dashboard and click on the “enter” key
  • Now, locate all duplicates appearing in the list of company data files
  • At this point, you need to write down the properties of the file data
  • For this, you can select the properties tab to get insights into the file properties
  • Later on, verify the labelling of the QB company file data in the general tab
  • If any file missed the labelling, use date-modified features to do so
  • Now, you can discover updated files on your device
  • Further, after locating the updated data files, copy those files
  • Then, paste the copied files into a CD ROM
  • Furthermore, remove the residual files from your system
  • At last, paste the copied files to the already existing saved location

You can recover QuickBooks missing payroll data by proceeding with these suggested measures. Meanwhile, you can also check for QB’s automatic data recovery feature. This feature allows you to recover deleted files from your device. Users prefer this feature for recovering the given file types:

  • Company files
  • Backup files
  • Account copies
  • Payroll data, etc.

Facts For Consideration

Consider the following facts while recovering the lost QB files on your system:

  • The automatic data recovery (ADR) feature is available for QB’s Pro. Premier, and Enterprise versions
  • You cannot look for the ADR feature in “QuickBooks Accountants” edition
  • ADR is capable of handling files not exceeding the 1.5 GB storage limit
  • The ADR feature can work on QB Desktop software’s 2018 and subsequent versions

How To Seek Personalized Support For QuickBooks Desktop?

Seeking an expert’s advice will help if you fail to recover the lost data through the above-recommended method. For this purpose, you can dial our toll-free number at 1-844-734-9204. This way, you can consult your queries to our QB experts who have diligence knowledge. Their diligent expertise can suggest the finest solution for fixing software glitches.

The best part of our QB Pro Advisory services is the 24/7 support window. This can assist you in fixing the issue at any given moment. Meanwhile, you can also check the live chat facility to learn more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover QuickBooks data from a hard drive?

You can recover QB data from a hard drive in these simple steps:

  • First, open the system’s dialogue box
  • Then, type “.QBW” in the dashboard region
  • Afterwards, locate all duplicate files from the list of company data files
  • Now, note down the data properties by exploring these from the properties tab
  • Later on, move to the general tab
  • There, check for the labelling of the company files
  • Hereafter, select the updated data files 
  • Subsequently, save those files in the CD ROM section
  • Moreover, erase all residual files from the system storage
  • Lastly, paste the copied files to the same location

How to Open an ADR file in QuickBooks?

You can open ADR files in QB in the following steps:

  • First, open the “File Explorer” 
  • Afterwards, click on the “desktop” menu
  • Now, create a folder with “QB test” as its title
  • Later on, search and open the “QB auto data recovery” folder
  • At this point, select files having the “.adr” extension
  • Subsequently, copy the selected files 
  • Lastly, paste them into the newly created folder

Cannot restore company files in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can restore company files on QuickBooks desktop by creating a backup in the local drive of the software.

How to restore the QuickBooks backup file to the new computer?

You can restore the QB backup file to a new computer by opening the backed-up file in the new system. Here, you can copy and paste the stored files from one device to another. Or copy and paste the files via the cloud format.

How to export data from QuickBooks online?

You can export data from QB online in the following steps:

  • First, open the settings menu
  • Then, go to the “export data” section
  • Now, click on the “Reports” or “List” tab 
  • Moreover, use the on/off slider to deselect items
  • Later on, select the “all dates” filter to sort out files as per the need
  • Now, click on the “Export to Excel” section
  • Lastly, the required data will export in a zip format


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