How To Download The QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub Program?

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most influential accounting tools of this era. It attained this reputation because of its advanced tool-based query resolution mechanism. And the QuickBooks desktop tool hub is one such facility we will discuss in this guide. Besides, we will describe how you can install and use this application. So, before we delve into details, let us discuss the basics of this tool-based application.

QuickBooks Tool Hub: A Brief Note

The QB tool hub is an Intuit-sponsored comprehensive tool-based application. Being true to its name tool hub application is a multi-functional asset. It provides you access to QB-required essential tools. Some tools in this collection involve the following:

  • QuickBooks File Doctor tool
  • QB Install Diagnostic tool
  • PDF and File Repair tool
  • Connection Diagnostic tool of QB
  • QuickBooks Re-Image Repair tool, etc.

After looking at the collection of tools, you can say it is a collection of essential tools. Moreover, you can consider it a one-stop solution for all QB-related queries. With the induction of the tool hub application, Intuit overpassed the need for installing multiple tools. It is because users have to install error-specific tools on their devices. And the installation of error-specific tools is nowhere convenient for anyone.

Thus, Intuit introduced the concept of the tool hub application to provide users with a centralized framework. Moreover, the app installation does not require anything extra from you. The only things that the app demands involve the following:

  1. .NET Framework
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

List Of Errors That You Can Resolve With The Tool Hub Application

The tool hub application helps to resolve different issues of the accounting application. Some of these involve the following:

Installation Errors

The tool hub app can help you to troubleshoot installation errors. Moreover, it can help you to uninstall or reinstall QB desktop.

Company File Errors

File errors are common for all QB users. It is because a dedicated portion of the QB operations is a file-based task. So, you cannot compromise with this requirement. Thus, you can use the tool hub application to troubleshoot file errors.

Connection And Networking Errors

In QuickBooks, connection issues can hamper your accounting operations significantly. Furthermore, this can cost you in terms of degrading productivity. So, you can look at the tool hub application to troubleshoot connectivity issues at your end.

Performance Problems

Frequent freezing or an issue in the system is critical for your accounting purposes. Thus, you can use the tool hub application to address performance issues on your QB setup.

Login Issues

Forgot your password, or are you facing login issues? These two issues are mundane. And QuickBooks Desktop is not an exception to it. So, whenever you experience these issues, it will help if you can open the tool hub app. This menu can help you to troubleshoot the cause of the error.

QB Tool Hub Download Procedure

You can download the tool hub application by following these simple steps:

  • First, start your device
  • Then, open the system browser
  • Now, search for Intuit’s official site
  • In the website menu, locate the tools hub for the QuickBooks option
  • Now, click on the tool’s name to move to the download page
  • Furthermore, click on the “download now” option to start the process
  • Subsequently, save it to an accessible location
  • After this, launch the tool hub’s downloaded extension file to initiate the installation process

  • At this point, click on the “Next” option
  • Consequently, read the licensing terms and accept the same by clicking on the “yes” option


  • Moreover, opt for the “destination folder” option and press the “enter” key


  • Later on, click on the “install” option to start the installation procedure


  • Here, click on the “finish” menu to complete the installation


  • Lastly, exit the menu and start the app by clicking on the “open now” option

Components Of QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub

Here are components you can find with the tool hub application.



The home screen tab provides you with the details of the tool hub application. Moreover, it suggests how you can optimize the application.

Company File Issues


The company file issues tab is a crucial component of the tool hub application. This tab can help you to troubleshoot file-related issues in the following steps:

  • First, click on the “run QB file doctor” tab 
  • Now, wait for a while 
  • Further, select the “browse” tab 
  • Subsequently, choose the required files and verify the same 
  • Now, sign in to the file menu and hit the “Continue” tab to start the process

Network Issues Tab


The network issues tab is suitable for fixing connectivity-related issues. It does so by letting you use the QB database server manager. 

Program Errors


You can open this tab for common error patterns. For this, it offers you the following tool categories:

  • Quick Fix My Problem
  • QB Program Diagnostic tool
  • And QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool

Installation Issues


You can refer to this tab for fixing installation-related issues. For doing so, the tab redirects you to the QuickBooks install diagnostic and clean install tools. 

Password Reset


The password reset tab is an important constituent of the tool hub application. This tab helps in recovering or resetting account credentials with minimal effort.


The support tab provides a gateway to communicate with QB support executives. Here, you need to select a medium and the rest lies with the app to connect to the executives.

Advanced Tools

The advanced tools section can help you to fix common QB errors. This tab allows you to troubleshoot 6000 series errors, file crashes, and more. 

Summing Up The Context

Through the given guide, we discussed the QuickBooks desktop tool hub. Moreover, we covered how you can install and use the application. Thus, you can save this guide for future reference. Meanwhile, you can also connect with QB Pro Advisors regarding your QB-related concerns. For this, we support both call and live-chat-based support. For call-based support, you can dial the toll-free number at 1-844-734-9204.

Frequently Aske d Questions

Is QuickBooks Tool Hub Free?

Yes, the QB tool hub is a free-to-use application for all QB users.

Where Does The Tool Hub App Appear In The Desktop?

Following the installation of the tool hub app, you can use it directly from your system’s home screen.

How Do I Download QuickBooks Tool Hub?

You can download the tool hub application from Intuit’s official website.

How Do I Run A Repair On QuickBooks?

You can run a repair on QuickBooks by using the “company file issues” tab featured in the tool hub application.

What Is QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?

The component repair tool is an added facility that you can use to repair MS components on your computer.


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