How Much Life Insurance is Enough?

One of the great contradictions in the world of personal finance is that while it is widely agreed that life insurance is necessary, most Americans still don’t have enough or any at all!  The most recent LIMRA Trends in Life Insurance Ownership study showed that 7 in 10 Americans report having life insurance, up significantly since 2010, but that almost…

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Excellent money books to teach your middle schooler about money - How to make it, save it, and grow it!

5 Great Money Books for Your Middle Schooler

Most middle schoolers are very curious about money.  How it works, why some people have more than others, and how they can get some themselves.  Middle schoolers also start desiring higher cost items that they likely can’t afford with their allowance, and that you might not want to buy them on a whim.  This inherent curiosity about money makes it…

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What Millennials Might Tell Their Children About College

As a generation laden with student debt, college is an interesting subject for millennials.  Many of us are still paying off our own student loans when we begin to have kids and people start asking us about saving for their college.  I hadn’t even built Fuss Fish’s crib the first time I got asked about his college fund! For millennials,…

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The tips you need to successfully get a raise for your family!

Bet on Yourself! How to Ask for a Raise

You probably need a raise, but how do you successfully ask for one?  You need your job, and potentially angering your employer by seeming “ungrateful” or “argumentative” is a scary thought.  In fact,  more than half of U.S. employees would rather look for a new job, clean their house, get a root canal, or get audited by the IRS than…

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Great, quick personal finances weeks to read with your weekend coffee!

Weekend Wisdom: Savings, Debt, & Interest Rates

Welcome back to Weekend Wisdom and happy belated St. Patrick’s Day!  This is going to be a great weekend with a playdate with two of Fuss Fish’s friends this morning and then a great St. Patty’s day neighborhood party.  I can’t wait to kick back with friends and enjoy some quality time with the family.  Plus, Daddy Fish makes the…

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10 Things You Should Know About the Stock Market

Everyone has heard about the stock market. You’ve seen headlines on the Dow and the S&P or heard about the SnapChat and Facebook IPOs.  Maybe your neighbor talked your ear off about that stock that was a “sure-thing”.  But since you probably didn’t have Intro to Household Finance in school along with our Woodshop and Home Ec courses, you may…

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How to save for college 50 at a time

The $50 College Savings Plan

When you have kids, finding an easy college savings plan can be difficult.  College is so expensive and, as a generation laden with student debt, we don’t want our children to struggle as so many of us have.  Luckily, automating your college savings with only $50 a week can successfully prepare your youngster for a college experience without loans!  Let’s…

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